How easy to diy pvc projects


No workshop required.

Building projects with PVC doesn’t require a garage full of tools. All you need is a tape measure, hacksaw and some PVC cement to build a structure in minutes.

1. Design your Project

Create your design with pencil and paper or use our PVC Components with SketchUp to design your PVC project.

Download SketchUp

The basic version of SketchUp is free and can be downloaded from the Trimble SketchUp website.

2. Cut your Pipe to Size

Cut your PVC pipe to the sizes you need for your project.

All you really need to cut PVC pipe is a hacksaw…but check out the different ways to cut PVC by viewing or downloading our PVC Cutting Guide.

3. Assemble your PVC Structure

Assemble your cut pipe using FORSUFIT fittings as per your design. Simply press together and secure with PVC cement for a permanent connection.

Check out our PVC Assembly Guide to find out the best method for you to connect your PVC pipe project.